Our history start with Vikings Sailing boat from 1971 with the building of wooden sailing boat by Steve Savvakis. The boat is made of wood and was built in 1971 in Rhodes Island. Since 1971 Cpt Steve, owner of the boat started making excursions to the East Coast of Rhodes and also to nearby islands.

The history of Vikings is designated with our hospitality and the safety that the crew provides. The continuous visits of our friends that visit the beautiful island of Rhodes and also the boat is a proof of this tradition.

In 2015 the tradition continues with the son of Captain Steve take charge of the boat. Savvas Savvakis with 25 years of maritime experience and specialized in sailing boats welcomes you at Vikings for a sailing escape to the east coast of Rhodes.

Vikings sailing boat offers you an unforgettable experience with the wooden boat like it was done, the old way, the last centuries. Traditional sailing is an essential point and the beginning of the technological evolution of sailing boats and most important the lesson where the new technologies of maritime travelling are based on. With the safety and our long time experience at sea we invite you to sail together in a unique experience to the history of sea.

At summer of 2017  the Dream of ownership Cpt Steve completed by the three sons Savvas – John – Michael. “The Dreams is for the strong people and the sea for the real seaman’s” Vikings is here and it is ready to set the sails for one more voyage.!! Good Seas and St. Nicolas at your bow. New delivery -New Dreams -New Classic Boat. This is “Royal Vikings ” The second classic sailing boat of Vikings Fleet. It is expected that the next year of 2018 will be ready to set the sails.

Captain Steve with his sons
Royal Viking at Shipyard